Silver Jews: A kind of Q and A

David Berman Onstage at the Variety Playhouse

David Berman Onstage at the Variety Playhouse

This is a little late, but last Saturday’s Silver Jews show at the Variety Playhouse well exceeded expectations. Of note would be the quasi Q and A between one Mr. Z of St. John’s College and David Berman himself.

First off, for any Johnnies reading out there, David Berman, with glasses on, is a dead ringer for a young William T. Braithwaite. That said, there is much rumor confirmed by multiple unreliable sources that David Berman attended St. John’s college for at least two years, was possibly disenabled and possible gave a graduation address. All of this is uncomfirmed by anyone sober or of upstanding repute (sorry, Josh).

The Q and A went as follows:

(quiet moment in show)
Mr. T: (yelling towards stage) Is it true that you went to St. John’s College?
David Berman: (pauses, distractedly mumbles) There are a lot of those, aren’t there?
Mr. T and e.a.: (yelling again) The one in Maryland!
David Berman: (into microphone) There’s one of those in Annapolis, isn’t there?
Mr. T. and e.a.: Yes! That one!
David Berman:…… leads into next song

So the Q and A was ultimately inconclusive, but incredibly satisfying to the inquirers nonetheless.

It should be said that the show was great and David Berman’s wife is in possession of both a winning smile and a great voice.

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