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While new music is what makes life worth living (kidding, mostly), there is nothing so satisfying as putting on an old favorite.  One album that I come back to time after time is Fugazi’s 13 Songs.  Released in 1989 as a compilation of the bands first two EP’s, 13 Songs is by far the best of the bands early work, and arguable, the best of the band’s career.  While I am an unabashed fan of later releases like Red Medicine, End Hits and even the bands final full release, The Argument, 13 Songs captures Fugazi at its raw best.

Starting off with “Waiting Room”, (“I am a patient boy/ I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait”) possibly one of the best Fugazi singles ever, and including classics like “Give Me the Cure” and the song that should be the Adbuster’s theme song, “Suggestion” (“Why can’t I walk down the street/ free of suggestion?”), 13 Songs could stand alone as Fugazi’s only work and the band would still be my favorite of all time.

If you’re not familiar with Fugazi, well, for one, what are you waiting for?  Secondly, 13 Songs is a great place to start.  The album was remastered in 2003, and the sound is a great example of lo-fidelity at its best.  I beg you, listen to this album.  One of our mottos here at Mixed Mania is “Good Music is Good for You” and this album is definitely good for you.

Listen to “Waiting Room” here.