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White Rabbit's "It's Frightening" was released May 18, 2009

White Rabbit's "It's Frightening" was released May 18, 2009

I had never heard of White Rabbits until the winter of 2008, when I got tickets to see Spoon and The Walkmen at Center Stage, here in Atlanta.  This band “White Rabbits” was opening the show, so I downloaded their 2007 release, “Fort Nightly“.  I was immediately hooked.

The band has been compared to Spoon probably a little too closely.  Yes, they have a little of that bands tongue-in-cheek, heavy bass vibe, but White Rabbits is a little darker, a little less glam, a little more pop-punk.

White Rabbits

As much as I loved “Fort Nightly” it didn’t hold a candle to the solidly great “It’s Frightening“.  This album brings in the whole range of White Rabbits song-writing abilities, from pure pop pleasure to sinister grunge to ferociously lovely ballads.  At the moment I am most taken with track 7, “Midnight and I“, and great example of the dark and beautiful combination that White Rabbits pulls off so well.

The band recently announced that they have joined Radiohead’s record label, TBD Records.  TBD is a subset of ATO Records, the label started by Dave Matthews and home to local favorite, The Whigs.  White Rabbits are coming to Atlanta on August 20, 2009 and I would LOVE to be there.  We’ll just see.