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Album: Black DubOne and Half out of Two Headphones

Artist: Black Dub

Year Released: 2010

There are voices and then there are voices.  Trixie Whitley is a young girl with some powerfully soulful pipes and she is the voice of the new group Black Dub, headed up by all-star record producer, guitarist and composer Daniel Lanois.  Lanois produced albums for such seminal artists as U2, Bob Dylan, Brian Eno, Willie Nelson and Neil Young.

Whitley’s voice is in good hands with Lanois, who arranges his music delicately, not throwing Whitley’s voice into the spotlight unnecessarily, but hold her back just slightly and allowing her voice to work perfectly with the other instruments.

Unfortunately, the whole album doesn’t hold up as magnificently as some of its best songs.  After about half the album, the sound starts to sound a little muddy, and some of the beautiful moments get lost.

Better than the album was Black Dub’s semi-acoustic Tiny Desk Concert.  In this concert, Lanois playing is brilliant and Whitley’s voice almost chokes with emotion.  I recommend the Tiny Desk Concert before you hear the album; it informed my listening in a way that made me much more charitable towards the band’s album.