Two out of Three Headphones Album: In Memory… EP

Artist: One Eyed Jacks

Year Released: 2010

Score one for the little guy. One Eyed Jacks, formed in the summer of 2009, is a new band out of London with a name taken from the little-known cult television show Twin Peaks.  One Eyed Jacks are even less well known than that classic series, but their sound is big, powerful and, like its namesake, haunting.

Their first EP, In Memory… will be released this week and my only hope is that in the wide sea of indie rock bands, this group manages to stay afloat long enough to get their sound heard.  In Memory… is short, even for an EP, but the three songs are all dark, moody and possessed with a mature kind of bitterness that comes across as refreshing as it is biting.

Like The National, or even some of The Arcade Fire (who the band is, I think unfortunately, being compared to), One Eyed Jacks are making music for grown ups.  The EP certainly contains some amount of retro winks, but overall is less ironic and more straightforward than most music in this genre.

One Eyed Jacks has notes of The Doors, especially on the track “Turns” and some of the instrumental qualities of Explosions in the Sky, although I wouldn’t take that comparison too far.  I look forward with eager anticipation to a full length release from this band, which will be the only way to really tell if this powerful little group can live up to its own publicity.

In the meantime, check out their EP, which is available this week at your local record store (or online venue), or check out the EP on Amazon, below.