Two and a Half out of Three Headphones Album: At the Campfire

Artist: The Capitalist Youth

Year Released: 2010

The Capitalist Youth have a band name that sounds like it should be an ironic punk band.  Instead, what you get on At the Campfire is the sound of earnest, silly, folksy young singers, who sound like they are having a great time together.

At the Campfire is simple and fun.  There are elements of Death Cab for Cutie, The Dodos and Band of Horses, all present in their music.  Songs like “Mountain Telling” and “Half Empty Half Full” have the sound a group singalong, which makes the title of the album even more appropriate, as you can hear a group of young adults sitting around a campfire and singing with each other.

The songs on At the Campfire are short and to the point.  A strong album from such a young band, this left me feeling cheerful and thoroughly satisfied.  There is nothing new here, but what they’ve done, they’ve done really well.

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