Two and a Half out of Three HeadphonesAlbum: Home EP

Artist: Jenny O

Year: 2011


Discovering new music is fun, no matter how it happens.  In this case, I was watching the bizarre-o black comedy, Wilfred on FX and during a fairly typical montage, this super catchy and charming song came on.  I tried to use my iPhone to identify it, but when that didn’t work, I looked it up on the good ole’ internet and found that it was a track called “Won’t Let You Leave” by an up-and-coming young singer/songwriter by the name of Jenny O.

“Won’t Let You Leave” comes off of Jenny O’s recently re-relased EP, Home and is one of five completely delightful songs on the short album.  Jenny O has a voice that is sweet, but also a bit strained, in a way that makes everything she sings sound that much more important. Instrumentally, the EP ranges from groovy bass lines and twanging guitar to sincere and powerful piano, a la Ben Folds.

Jenny O is in good company with the likes of Laura Viers and Frazey Ford, although her sound is more jubilant than the former and a little less soulful than the latter.  All in all, Jenno O isn’t bringing a new sound, but she is writing and performing a kind of folksy-girl-power-pop that is entirely refreshing and welcome.   Home sees her putting her best foot forward, and hopefully is indicative of what we will see from her in the future.