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Album Rating Guide

I generally only review albums I like, because I don’t feel like wasting my time on music I don’t. The only exceptions are albums that are so upsettingly terrible that I feel like I have so say something to warn the general public.  Those will be few and far between, again because I’m just not going to spend the little time I have on crappy music.

This isn’t going to change.  I truly believe that good music is good for you and I’m going to continue reviewing albums that I think are good, at least to my ears.

All that said, there are levels of “good”.  Like everyone, there are many albums I like, but I like some more than others.  I’ve decided on a scale of headphones, from 1 to 3.

3 headphones= Excellent.  This album is more than good, it’s great, and it’s music I want to hear again and again for years to come.



2 headphones= Very Good. This album is good music, though it may not be destined to be an all-time favorite.



1 headphone= Good.  This album is good music, and while certainly not great, it made for a nice listen.



0 headphones= Not convinced.  This album just didn’t do it for me, in fact, I may have hated it.



There will also be 1/2 headphones, as needed.  Take those how you like.  In fact, take all of it as you will.  I rate these albums based on my experiences with them, not how I feel they will be received by others.

And with that…enjoy!