Does the World Need Another 30-something White Lady Blogger?

If a 31 year old white lady starts a blog, does it make a sound?

The answer is most definitely no. I have no delusion of grandeur on this topic. This blog will not heal the world. Odds are, this blog won’t even be updated regularly and when it is updated, the content may be wildly inconsistent.

Are you still there? Why? Ok, well if you are, thanks for giving me a chance and apologies in advance for all the times I will disappoint you.

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Don’t Call It a Comeback

I started writing music posts on EA’s Brain back in 2008, mostly because everyone I knew had some kind of blog and I wanted a place to talk about my favorite music.  Over the years, EA’s Brain has gone through a few different phases, each one reflecting my...