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Author: EA

Surviving the Summer: Day 5 – Midnight Rider

Once again, I don’t feel much like writing, but I am going to do it anyway. I wonder how many of these things will start this same way. Dear reader, thank you for your patience with me and my frequently poor attitude. I’m working on it. Gregg Allman died today. He was 69 and had been undergoing treatment for liver cancer off and an for some years, according to his family. Reading about his death gave me a reason to listen to Eat A Peach (The Deluxe Album Version), arguably my favorite Allman Brothers album, although I can’t claim to know...

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Surviving The Summer: Day 4 – Some Euphemisms for Menstruation

I have really awful cramps and do not feel up to writing. Instead, I will share with you this delightful infographic which The Onion posted in 2001, of ridiculous phrases to use instead of actually saying the words period or menstruation. My favorite, by far, is “Falling to the Communists”, which makes me think of the anti-communist propaganda phrase “Better Dead Than Red” from the mid-1900’s. Since our current political moment includes so much absurdity that I really can’t laugh at –because it is actually affecting people’s lives– there is something comforting about laughing at the almost quaint-seeming hysterias (You know...

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Surviving the Summer: Day 3 – Everything Is Dumb (I’m Tired)

I’m tired today. I couldn’t fall asleep last night until long after midnight and hearing my alarm going off at 6:50 am was physically painful. So, I’m tired. Nothing unusual or interesting about that. I imagine I’m actually better rested than 100% of parents out there, or teachers, or air traffic controllers, or really anyone who works a full time job or takes care of other humans or both. I’m not complaining about my life. Let me be clear about that. I’m not saying that I’m more tired than the millions of people who got up this morning and...

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Surviving the Summer: Day 2 – Photo or it Didn’t Happen

It’s become a cranky old person cliche to complain of young folks at live events watching their phone record the show rather than watching the show itself. We see it everywhere, parents spending their child’s birthday party capturing every moment in photos and videos, people at five-star restaurants taking pictures of each plate of food as soon as it arrives. I’m as guilty as anyone, and in many cases, I’m glad to have those pictures and movies to remind me of things I’ve enjoyed. This afternoon, I was doing some research for a bi-weekly poetry study with my dad. As I searched...

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Surviving the Summer: Day 1 – How I Plan to Survive the Summer

The hardest thing for me about writing is accepting the fact that I will never get it exactly right. I am very good at arguing a point from multiple points of view. I am very good at judging an idea or situation through the eyes of people who are not me. These skills are helpful when it comes to understanding the beliefs of others, discussing politics and literature, choosing an appropriate affect in social situations and writing both academic essays and marketing copy. These skills are less helpful when attempting to actually solve a problem. They also make it...

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