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Why I Hate to Love The Online World

Look Her Up On “The Facebook” My first introduction to Facebook, still called “The Facebook” at the time, was in the fall of 2004. I was 21 years old and just starting my fourth year (of an eventual six) in college. In the social-network-behemoth’s early years, only students with valid email accounts from approved colleges and universities could have Facebook accounts. Zuckerberg’s own school, Harvard, was first, then MIT, Columbia and the rest of the bonafide Ivies. More schools were added in small batches over time, creating a temporary sense of validation for the student body of each newly...

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Let’s Go (or, My diamond shoes are too tight so I’m just going to walk barefoot and carry them.)

The only way forward is through. Or something like that. As the sun begins to set on this warm April Sunday, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. I also have a frustrating tendency to let leisure slide into lethargy and then depression and then, well let’s just say “dark places” when faced with time and total freedom.  There’s a million things I haven’t done, but unlike Alexander Hamilton, I do not pursue anything like I’m running out of time or need it to survive. (If you’re missing this reference, stop reading my inane thoughts and go...

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Angry Winston Judges You

Once upon a time, my dad founded a school. He has not worked there for a long time, and few people at the school today have ever met him. This is why I would like to propose that a statue of Winston Churchill be erected on the school’s campus, preferably in the middle of the quad, or just past one end zone of the football field.  The statue of Winston Churchill, looking stern, menacing, and just a little puffy around the jowls, will bear my father’s name. It will stare down at the you, the puny observer (this statue...

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WFU Press releases The Shack and Conor O’Callaghan reads “Swell”

I piled into the back a minivan with my parents, my sister and my sister’s daughters last Friday and made the 6-ish hour drive from Atlanta to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The destination was Wake Forest University, specifically a small book release party commemorating the publication of The Shack, a collection of poems and essays by various Irish poets who had come to the university over the years when invited by my Uncle Dillon. Many of these visitors would stay in a run-down, bare-bones little cabin that Dillon and his wife, Guinn kept just across the boarder in Virginia’s Blue...

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Torres, Self-Titled: Album Review

Album: Torres Artist: Torres Year Released: 2013 Of all the albums I’ve listened to in 2013, only one has clung to my consciousness and literally haunted my dreams.  The album, Torres, by Torres, the musical pseudonym of Mackenzie Scott, is emotionally and audibly raw to the point where it is sometimes painful to hear, and yet, the album reaches such subtle and delicate heights that the heartache it conveys feels somehow beautiful, true and strangely invigorating. Don’t let the opening track, “Mother Earth, Father God”, fool you.  Torres is not trying to be Tori Amos or Sharon Van Etten or Cat...

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