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Punch Brothers, Who’s Feeling Young Now?: Album Review

Punch Brothers, Who’s Feeling Young Now?: Album Review

Best New AlbumAlbum: Who’s Feeling Young Now?

Artist: Punch Brothers

Year: 2012


I’ve had a weird relationship with bluegrass and country music over the years, but as much as I would like to simply write the genre off and say I hate it, certain albums come along that I can’t even pretend I don’t love. Punch Brothers, in their third album release, Who’s Feeling Young Now?, have only re-confirmed what I already knew- I’m a sucker for a good southern sound.

Punch Brothers calls themselves a bluegrass band, but I think the old-time bluegrass community might disagree. The instrumentation bears a strong resemblance to bluegrass, with the traditional combinations of guitar, fiddle (violin for you yankees out there), mandolin, banjo and bass, but the song structures are much more contemporary sounding, more in keeping with Nickel Creek than Bill Monroe.

Regardless of what you call Punch Brothers, whether they’re a country music band, a bluegrass band or some kind of alternative newgrass, Who’s Feeling Young Now? is simply delightful.  Tracks like “This Girl” and “No Concern of Yours” are catchy to the point of worming into your ear, while “Patchwork Girlfriend” and “Hundred Dollars” manage to be slightly darker and more experimental, without sacrificing any energy or joy.

For fans of The Avett Brothers, The Civil Wars and even Mumford and Sons, Punch Brothers will come as a welcome addition to your music library. Who’s Feeling Young Now? manages to be both comfortable and fresh, a bright and fun listen from start to finish.

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