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Category: Best New Music 2010

Album Review: Blair, “Die Young”

Album: Die Young Artist: Blair Year: 2010   The artist and human being known as Blair has had a busy couple of years.  She spent most of 2011 touring as a supporting act for Eric Elbogen and Say Hi, finding herself her own following from cities around the country.  This all came after the release of her album Die Young at the beginning of 2010. I reviewed Blair’s performance at the EARL in Atlanta earlier this year and you can read that here.  What I didn’t expect after writing that review was the number of times I would return...

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Album Review: Black Dub, “Black Dub”

Album: Black Dub Artist: Black Dub Year Released: 2010 There are voices and then there are voices.  Trixie Whitley is a young girl with some powerfully soulful pipes and she is the voice of the new group Black Dub, headed up by all-star record producer, guitarist and composer Daniel Lanois.  Lanois produced albums for such seminal artists as U2, Bob Dylan, Brian Eno, Willie Nelson and Neil Young. Whitley’s voice is in good hands with Lanois, who arranges his music delicately, not throwing Whitley’s voice into the spotlight unnecessarily, but hold her back just slightly and allowing her voice...

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Album Review: Miniature Tigers, “Fortress”

Album: Fortress Artist: Miniature Tigers Year Released: 2010   Every band had influences and very rarely is there any sound that is truly original. That said, sometimes, a band can sound very much like what has come before them, but in a way that is not derivative and old. There is a skill is taking sounds that already exist and using them to craft something truly beautiful. This is the case with the new album from Miniature Tigers. Fortress is clearly influenced by both later Beach Boys and early Animal Collective and Panda Bear, though more mainstream sounding than...

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Album Review: Avi Buffalo, “Avi Buffalo”

Album: Avi Buffalo Artist: Avi Buffalo Year Released: 2010 I listened to the new album from band Avi Buffalo a few times in a row, just because I liked it that much.  It wasn’t until later that I looked into the band’s story a little and found out that these are some seriously young kids making this excellent music. Avi Zahner-Isenberg is just out of high school and he and bandmate Sheridan Riley have crafted a beautiful little album that may be in my top 5 of the year. The album opens with some super-mellow guitar licks in the...

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Album Review: Siskiyou, “Siskiyou”

Album: Siskiyou Artist: Siskiyou Year Released: 2010   I love it when musicians, especially indie rock musicians, have a solid grasp of dynamics.  No, not interpersonal dynamics, though that’s nice too, but the dynamics of an album.  While its great when one song has some variance of loud to soft, slow to fast, its even better when the whole album feels like one concept, each song a chapter in a novel that has a beginning, middle and end. Enter Siskiyou, a new band formed by two member of Canada’s Great Lake Swimmers, including front man Colin Huebert.  The band’s...

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